You can have a life full of joy.


Begin to live with ease. 

Hey you!

You’re a superhero.

You came through a hard place. 

You did such a great job. You did. You kept yourself alive. 

You survived.

Other people see you as successful. You’re competent and kind and always helping other. But no one else knows how exhausted you are. Overwhelmed. Confused. 

There’s still a piece missing from your life.

Do you know how to have fun? 

Where’s your joy?  

Do you feel the need to please other people? Do you feel like a failure if you’re not productive all the time? Do you feel all the sorrow of everyone around you? Is it 3 am and you’re on your phone, turning the pillow over again, hoping this will help you sleep? Did you reach the end of the day, exhausted, without making even 15 minutes for yourself?

Did you know that the feelings you haven’t fully allowed in your life block your joy? 

You can have more joy. You just don’t know how.


I can teach you how to practice your joy.

Make Joy into a habit.

Did you ever learn how to drive a car? Ever learn how to tie your shoes? Do you know how to cook food without setting off the smoke alarm every time? At some point in your life you put a lot of practice — awkward and scary at first — and made a habit. Now, that habit is part of your life. You don’t even think about how to drive that car anymore. You just do it. 

You can make a habit of your joy. We usually wait for joy, until life calms down or we’re on vacation. We think joy should come spontaneously. Or joy scares us because we aren’t used to it. But if you decide to set an intention to build your capacity for joy, you can make joy into a daily habit.

You already know joy.

Think of all the small, specific moments in your life that you enjoy. Petting your cat and feeling her purr. Playing music in the car at almost full volume and singing. Picking warm raspberries in the morning. 

Making a habit of joy means dropping what blocks your joy and making more time for what you truly enjoy.  

I want you to have more joy.

That’s why I’ve crafted a workshop called Practice Your Joy.

Together, we’ll talk about why joy can feel so vulnerable. And I’ll show you how to start un-learning that mindset.

I’ll guide you to understand how our minds and bodies keep the score of what happened to us. 

You’ll learn a a clear and logical program to relax that system on high alert and learn how to calm yourself

Then, together, we’ll do the work of changing our minds, making more room for what gives you joy.

Finally, we’ll come up with a plan to work for the joy of others.

Why should you choose me as your guide? 

I grew up in a hard place. And over the last few decades, I’ve learned how to change my mind, through understanding the brain and body, the rhythm of regulation, the nature of life-changing habits that stick, and opening my life to more silliness

I’ve had a lot of professional success in my life. (You can read more about that here.) But my deepest definition of success now is living my days free of worrying, hurrying, and hurting my own life by doubting and thinking I’m not good enough.

Practicing my joy has changed my life.

It can change yours too.

"If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.”
Toni Morrison
Icon of smiling face, laughing with tears.

How you can practice your joy

Work in a group, work alone with Shauna, or read about joy.

Take the Practice Your Joy workshop with a small group of people. 

Work one-on-one with Shauna to Follow Your Joy

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Testimonials for My Work

Enough isn’t just the incredibly well-written story of Shauna Ahern’s life, it’s also one of the best accounts of human growth I’ve ever read. Through abuse, rejection, illness, romance, motherhood, and finally, authentic truth-telling, Ahern leans into the uncomfortable realities of being a person in the world. Reader, do not be afraid. These uncomfortable truths are told so compassionately, so beautifully, you won’t be tempted to look away. This book reveals the big heart of one woman, and in return, shows us so much of what we can hope to become.”
—Ashley C. Ford, author of the best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter

[Shauna] Ahern’s insights are a gift to readers as she outlines the steps that brought her closer to things that matter: writing, creativity, time with family and community, the cultivation of gratitude and spirituality.

—Diana Abu-Jaber, The Washington Post

“Shauna Ahern’s beautifully crafted collection of essays ferries us through her courageous journey from decades of shame and uncertainty toward a life of agency, freedom, and dignity. Raw and vulnerable, Enough is a testament to the healing power of a purpose-filled life.”
—Lisa Congdon, artist and author of A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives

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Imagine this

It’s one month after taking the Practice Your Joy workshop. You’re making joy lists most days, instead of furrowing your brow at that impossibly long to-do list. You don’t feel as angry anymore. In fact, you’re starting to feel good that you’re alive, being YOU. You’re working to build time into your day for yourself, every day. You’re sleeping more. Your own name is showing up on your list.

You start the day with quiet time to read or breathe in the air around you. You talk with a friend who gets you— maybe someone you met at the workshop — at the same time each week. And you’re laughing again, sometimes loudly. Who cares if someone else thinks it’s embarrassing?

You’re starting to feel more free. 

Would you like to feel this way? 

If so, sign up for Practice Your Joy today.