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How do we cultivate the conditions for joy to expand? We train in staying present.

—Pema Chodron


Feeling tired all the time? Having a hard time sleeping? Wandering through a sentence and finding a word missing? Anxious? Depressed? 

You’re not alone. It’s called pandemic brain. We all have it.

And some of us went through terrible trauma at some point in our lives, making this uncertainty even harder. When you grow up in a space where joy was fleeting and taken away from you most days, you don’t even know your own joy.

There’s a path out of this.


You can cultivate a habit of joy.

But how in the heck do you cultivate joy? Those aren’t two words you hear together often.

Your brain — and all our brains — are hard-wired to make habits and see patterns in life.

You see, our nervous systems read uncertainty as danger. Since we’re living in especially uncertain times right now — and trying to take in more information than humans ever have before — our brains are so busy processing dire news that we’re perpetually in a state of fight, flight, or freeze.

This is why we’re overwhelmed and stumbling. Our nervous system has shut down what it considers non-essential in the middle of a dangerous moment. The only problem is, this has been going on for years now. And for some of us, our nervous systems have been on high alert for decades.

It’s time to add joy to our lives.

Bring silliness back to your life. Laugh your ass off, as often as you can. Play with LEGO. Watch all the Studio Ghibli movies. Be your own quirky self, openly. 

Put your heart into your own life. 

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You’ve always loved books, language, and writing. And yet, you’re nervous that you’re not a “real writer”?

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You can read more about me here. You’ll have a pretty solid sense of who I am, what matters to me, and how I teach from reading this letter I wrote to you.

As a teacher, when I learn something that makes my life easier, I must share it.

After living through some pretty tough stuff and still learning to live joyfully, I’m clear about my purpose in the world. I want to help you cultivate your joy too. 

Hey you!

If you’ve read through this website, and you feel like you’ve learned enough to start on your own? I’m thrilled.

But I need to tell you this. This is hard work. If you live in a culture not built for joy, you’re going to feel like an outsider. You’re changing your mind, which is one of the hardest things we can do. 

You don’t need to feel lonely in this work.

I’m here to guide you. 

And guess what? There’s a bunch of us weirdos out here, making ukulele music, creating videos with vulnerable stories for TikTok, gathering people together to make felt art, discussing books about neuroscience, and being our own bizarre selves.

Join us on the path to joy. It’s far more fun out here.

As Ram Dass wrote, we’re all just walking each other home.

We might as well skip and dance along the path together. 



You can have more joy.