Let’s start writing.

The next JOY OF WRITING YOUR STORY workshop online begins on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, at 5 pm, PST. 

We’ll meet that day and the following three Tuesdays on Zoom. You’ll be receiving an email every day between the sessions as well. Full details will follow in an email, after you have registered. 

The suggested price for this workshop is $400.

You decide the cost of the workshop for you. You pay what you can. Pay what the experience is worth to you, while balancing the means you have to pay for it.


The Joy of Writing Your Story on Tuesday evenings

This 4-week workshop will help you write a story that satisfies you.


And congratulations! By signing up for THE JOY OF WRITING YOUR STORY, you’re acknowledging to yourself that your story matters. 

If you have any questions, please email me at shauna@youcanhavemorejoy.com.

Much love and joy