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When was the last time you let go and felt soaring joy? 

Our bodies are built for action, for dancing, for letting go of the worry of looking silly and moving. 

You feel more joy when you take action and move forward. 

Doubt says we have to worry about failing. But doubt comes from past pain and the way it stays in our body.

Time to let go of doubt. 

Joyful creativity says, “Hey, let’s give it our best shot and improve as we go, a little bit more every day. ” 

And that’s the process I want to share with you. 

Sure, it feels awkward when you begin. You’ve spent most of your life putting other people first, burying your own joy. So it feels like you’re cheating if you carve out 15 minutes of time to do nothing but lie in a hammock or shoot baskets by yourself or watercolor without the need to be any good. 

But you feel more ease of mind when you make time to simply be here and enjoy the moment. 

We rush too much. We worry too much. We believe our own story of not being good enough. 

None of that has to be true. 

When you discover your joy, you realize how often we fall into a rut of self-doubt and the tiny mind of trying to protect our own ego. You can start to help others by being a model of someone who works for more joy and ease. 

Learn how to make your joy into a lifelong habit. 

You can learn how to discover daily joy, the same way you learned how to drive a car or learned to cook without the smoke alarm going off. Making that habit improved your life. And then you practiced, bit by bit, day by day. 

You can do this with experiencing joy too. 

it’s time to DISCOVER YOUR JOY.

I understand you.

For nearly fifty years, I worried I wasn’t good enough. I feared and fretted and pretended everything was okay.

And then I had a mini-stroke.

I knew that I had to change my life. I learned to understand how my body kept the score of my traumatic childhood and how my well had run nearly dry. I learned to calm my nervous system to allow my mind and body to fully relax.

I started discovering my joy.

Learning to design my life for joy has changed me, deeply.

Now, I’m thriving.

I want you to thrive too. 

I can help you discover joy.

I can guide you through the steps to discovering your joy. 

You might want to start with a one-time, 90-minute session together to talk about how to discover your joy.

When we agree to work with each other, I’ll send you some reading and prompts to think about before our session. 

Together, we’ll talk about your own particular joys, what is blocking your joy, and some ideas for working with your own mind to move forward.

Afterward, I’ll send you reminders of our work together, some suggested reading, and some questions for you to answer on your own. 

You can allow yourself more joy.

If you find that our session together sparked joy and leaves you curious about more, then we can work together in multiple sessions. 

Do you need more help finding joy in your work? Your parenting? Your relationships? Or do you want help making the habit of joy? Or designing your days for more joy? 

I’m here. 

Let’s talk. 


girl in joy


Shauna is a kindred spirit as a teacher — real and down to earth. She shares so much goodness with us who attend her sessions. I have found such solace and support in what Shauna shares. The companionship I find with Shauna and all the women from around the world she has brought together on Zoom? It helped save my sanity through the incredibly tough time of COVID lockdowns.

Shauna, as the host, helps us all find good in the world and our personal lives. She doesn’t gloss over the hard times. In fact, she acknowledges the trauma most of us have in our lives. She has been through it. She’s honest. She isn’t a fake purveyor of toxic positivity. She’s honest. She’s always rising.

Shauna does the research and shares the science with us.. She also offers us perspectives that might get us through our days with more joy. She also has a great, hearty laugh!

I’m grateful that Shauna is here.

— Martha K, Sacramento, CA

“The world needs Shauna’s work! This is not hasty positivity nor artificial optimism. This is Shauna, meeting us where we are with genuine compassion; guiding us back to our own wisdom; walking alongside us as we examine what might be blocking the brilliant parts of life. We may not always be able to control what happens, but with practice we can know and experience a more constant joy. Shauna’s work has changed my life. It will change yours too.”

— Brigette R., Virginia

I am so grateful the universe gave me what I needed — Shauna’s workshop. I learned so much about myself in this journey, things I needed to know. My life has changed this past year, but after this class, I realized I can handle those changes. I know now that I’m my own hero. Thank you, Shauna.

— Kathy HB, Colorado

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Schedule a 20-minute video call with Shauna. It’s free. No sales pitch. Just a good conversation, with questions and reflection. Let’s see if we connect.

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