your joy matters to me.

Icon of smiling face, laughing with tears.

My greatest joy in life is helping others to find their joy.

I want to help you thrive.

Finding Your Joy is my subscription publication about joy. 

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An essay about a time in my life that I worked through the hard things by focusing and finding more joy. 

An advice column answering questions from others about how to find joy. 

And occasional profiles in joy — a little portrait of people who’ve come through hard places to find joy. Most of them are my neighbors on Vashon Island. (That’s Maxcianna on the right. You can read her profile here.)

Remember — you’re not alone.

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Enough: Notes from a Woman Who Has Finally Found It

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When you take this 4-week writing workshop, you’ll learn how to experience the joy of writing an essay that satisfies you.

You’ll learn how to allow the chaos of the first draft, find the coherence of structure in the second draft. Eventually, you’ll revise it into a draft that satisfies you. And you’ll be in a community of fellow writers who support you. 

For all the habits that have become automatic in your life, you had a guide, sharing the knowledge they learned before you.  

That’s the process I want to share with you.

I can be your guide.

Learn how to make your joy into a lifelong habit. 

You want more joy but you feel compelled to cross off everything on your endless to-do list first. 

You’re stuck. 

You were taught that your feelings need to come last. 

Time to change your mind. 

Let’s build a habit of joy together. 

You can have more joy.